Auctioneers of books and prints

We auction books old&rare, art books, collectibles, old master prints, modern prints,
cartography and all kinds of valuable and interesting printed matter.

The auction of March 26th has been moved to April 23rd

Online bidding on Pergamon Live - - The Saleroom - Lot-tissimo

How it works

  • Our catalogue appears online on Pergamon Live, Auction.frThe Saleroom and Lot-tissimo, two weeks before the auction date. Please, register on one of these auction sites to bid in our auctions. You will need to make an account first. It takes only a few moments.

  • Save the items you want to bid on in your account on the auction platform of your choice. You can either place a bid before the auction has started, e.g. your maximum bid for a specific lot, or participate live and send your bids during the auction. It's very straightforward.

  • If you have won an item, you will be notified by the auction platform immediately. Afterwards, you will receive the invoice, which has to be paid by bank transfer, credit card or cash. Your purchases will be available to you after clearing of the amount due.


The auction takes place exclusively online via the bidding platform Pergamon Live, Auction.frThe Saleroom or Lot-tissimo. The lots to be auctioned can be viewed on the premises of Pergamon Auctions by appointment. In the auction, the lots are allocated to the highest bidder. In the event of two bids with the same amount, the first bid made will prevail. Bids are binding on the buyer. The buyer is legally obliged to pay for and take possession of the lot allocated to him or her. 

The amount of allotment is increased at the expense of the buyer with a surcharge of 27% up to a hammer price of €2,000, and of 25% from €2,001 onwards. This surcharge includes the remuneration for the auction house, the fee for the use of the auction platforms, VAT, file and insurance costs.

Purchases must be paid within a week of the date by transfer to the bank account of Pergamon Auctions or by credit card or cash upon collection (max. €2,999). After receipt of full payment, the purchased lots will be made available to the buyer. Lots purchased can be picked up, albeit by appointment only.  Pergamon Auctions offers international insured shipping services, with the exception of some countries. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

A catalogue is drawn up for each auction with images and a detailed description of the lots to be auctioned. This catalogue can be consulted online via the websites of the auction platforms. The catalogue has a purely informative value and cannot be invoked as a guarantee of value in the event of a dispute. For every lot, a condition report can be requested. 


We auction books, prints and all kinds of printed matter, from both private individuals and professional sellers. If you wish to offer something for an auction, please contact us via the contact page. We will come to your home to view and collect the items. 

For providers, a reduction of 17% will be placed on the amount of allotment up to and including a hammer price of €2.000 and 15% from €2.001 onwards. This includes the remuneration for the auction house, the fee for the use of the auction platforms, VAT, and administration costs. We offer special tariffs for professional sellers, please contact us on that behalf. 

When submitting items, an estimated selling amount and possibly a reserve price are determined in consultation. These amounts are not binding for Pergamon Auctions. Estimated amounts are purely indicative and cannot be guaranteed. Pergamon Auctions reserves the right to deviate up to 10% from the reserve price in order to allow a sale.  

The settlement for the provider is drawn up one week after the auction. The payment of his/her credit will take place in the fourth week after the auction, subject to the suspensive condition of the buyer not yet having fulfilled his payment obligation. Items that have not been sold are collected back by the provider and remain in safekeeping at the risk of the provider. They are not automatically re-listed for auction. However, the provider can give his/her agreement to sell unsold items in the after-sale at the minimum estimated price. The same costs and rates apply for after-sale sales as for the actual auction.

Terms & Conditions